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We loved Sunday's TOWIE so we thought we'd give you our top moments!
Liam Gatsby saying 'Do you not think I have models from every part of the world grinding on me?' 
But the question is do you believe him?
Should Courtney be so forgiving to Myles after calling her a dirty little slag?
Whos team are you on Amber or Clelia? Should Clelia have walked away from Dan when Amber warned her?
Possibly one of the best moments of TOWIE was Arg explaining how Gemma threw his salmon out the window when he said that she had given him too much. We are praying that they cover this!
And finally, team Gatsby or team Pete?
We loved Pete's line of 'You couldn't pull a muscle let alone a bird'
Well that's TOWIE talk over with, see you all next week!

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