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Sam and Billie Faiers The Mummy Diaries Is Over!

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We're so sad that Sam and Billie Faiers Mummy Diaries over!
Mainly because it means that Nelly will no longer be on our screens, 
so lets look at her best moments!
1. When Nelly was having a photoshoot with her brother Arthur and went to kiss his head... kinda!
2. Packing for her holiday to the Maldives
3. Her amazing dance moves!
4. When she shouted 'poo poo' and then blamed it on being constipated!
5. Telling Greg off who messing her hair up
6. When she told Greg that all her toys just slipped onto the floor
7.When Billie asked for a tea and Nelly replied 'I can't do teas, I only do coffees'
Nelly has stole the show and we can't wait for the next series!

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