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Recently brought the red apple from Candylipz UK to see if the product actually works. You are given instructions which we would encourage anyone to follow because these instructions help to ensure that you don’t bruise your lips whilst they get conditioned to the plumping.


The picture below shows the product been used for about 4 minutes therefore the result is one of the most extreme results. The before and after clearly shows that this product actually works and really does plump up your lips. It is also the perfect way to achieve the Kylie Jenner look!


If you don’t want your lips as plumped as the picture above even using the product for 1 minute shows results. How long you use the product depends on what results you are looking for. You cannot deny that this product really does work and although the picture may not be to everyone’s taste, the picture simply just demonstrates that Candylipz is a product that does what it says!


We highly recommend this product however it takes about a week until you can use the product for 4 minutes as you have to condition your lips. Although as stated above 4 minutes would give you the most extreme plumped lips which not everyone may not desire and may only need 1 or 2 minutes to create results. We do not doubt that if you were to buy this product that you would see results and more plumped lips.




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